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Message of condolence by Qom seminary scholar's community on the death of Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, former Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestinian

Date: 14/ June/2020

In the name of God the all compassionate the most merciful

Those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah,’ and then remain steadfast, they will have no fear, nor will they grieve.

(The Glorious Qur’an 46:13)

We were saddened to the news of the death of Mujahid brother, Dr. Ramadan Abdullah, a prominent figure in the Islamic Resistance and former secretary general of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.

This proud warrior and sincere Mujahid spent his life defending the Holy Al-Quds and oppressed Palestine and fought against the occupation on the fronts of honor and the dignified battlefields.

The continuation of the path of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine such as Martyr Fathi Shaqaqi and Dr. Ramadan Abdullah, as well as the path of the martyrs who has struggled against the illegal occupying Israeli regime, will lead to the decline of arrogant and oppressive domination of the Zionists as well as it will lead to the victory of the faithful, brave and oppressed Palestinians youth.

The Qom seminary scholars' community expresses its condolences to the family, the Mujahedin of the Resistance Front and all of the Palestinians, and ask God the Almighty the pride of the Islamic Ummah and the victory of the Palestinian Mujahedin in the fight against the usurping and criminal Zionists.


Mohammad Yazdi

Chief of the great council of Qom seminary scholars' community

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Qazi Nurullah Shoshtari

همایش نکوداشت قاضی نورالله شوشتری

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